Alu-Steel TB

Inspired by classic line designs, this new system allows to combine aluminium outstanding performance values with a steel-alike.

» Security hardware
» Concealed hingues
» Concealed drainage


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    » Glazing
    Max. 54 mm
    Min. 20 mm


    » Opening possibilities

    Inward opening
    Side hung
    Tilt & turn
    Tilt only


    » Sightlines
    Modern frame 75 mm
    Classic frame 100 mm
    Sash 83 mm


    » Profile thickness
    Window 1,5 mm


    » Polyamide strip length
    32-39 mm


    » Maximum sash dimensions
    Width (L) 1500 mm
    Height (H) 2600 mm


    » Maximum sash weight
    160 Kg


    Consult maximum weight and dimensions according to typologies


    » Finished
    Possibility of bicolor systems
    Color powder coating (RAL, mottled and rough)
    Wood effect powder coating
    Anti-bacterial powder coating